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Who We Are

We are passionate and dedicated about the design/development of blockchain-based decentralized applications.

The solutions made from blockchain development are designed in a way that they accept business organizations with clearly defined operations. Many industries that have embraced the adoption of the blockchain include education, fintech, e-commerce, retail, IoT, gaming, exchanges, financial institutions, and health among other industries that are on a high rise in terms of growth. Solutions we offer in blockchain are absolutely the best for businesses that are on a growing trend.


Begin with understanding who your customers are and the type of products they love most. Take in the who, what, why, when and where of client research to enable you to make incredible user experiences.


We make excellent and useful plans that please clients and let your business emerge. We build experiences that are actually appropriate for your audience.


The applications that we build on the blockchain are of world class, including web, desktop, and mobile applications. We use methods and technologies which are the latest for working with the aim of achieving software greatness.


We offer a consistent support for application advancement to our customers. Persistent support is a necessary segment for participation with our startup customers who pursue the Lean Startup approach in building up their business.

What We Do

We provide all the necessities that are required in the launching and development of a successful digital business on blockchain.

Through the entrepreneurial and technological skills we have, we understand both the technical challenges and the challenges that a business may be facing while using blockchain to develop digital products.

Enterprise Blockchain

We create Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of blockchain product alongside moving existing applications to Distributed Ledger Technology by means of Ethereum, EOS or Hyperledger. Our blockchain procedure incorporates Proof of Concept (PoC) development and blockchain ideation that boosts the achievement rate of the application.

Blockchain Consulting

We have confidence in changing the development processes. Our capable blockchain developers counsel with customers for the organization and advancement of the task. We understand your business objectives and counsel you on different angles.

Smart Contracts Development

Ethereum’s Smart Contract is the core aspect of businesses that develop blockchain products. We can reduce the expenses of B2B orders by giving smart agreement administrations incorporated with your dApp. Our solidity developers design and compose code to guarantee solid and savvy bargains.

Blockchain Based Decentralized

To assure your dApp transforms into a reality from white paper to a complete application, we use agile on our dApp development progress and gives helpful sentiments at each progression. You can anticipate that your completed product will be predominant and innovative with the creation that makes your dApp highly valuable.

Security, Auditing and Consultation

ReturnValues offers security, auditing, and consultation services to provide clients the best practices and consistent standards. Our unit testing, test cases, and automated/manual tests are outstanding with documented and clean result.

Token Development Services

At any phase of development, ReturnValues offers comprehensive token services for clients. Every step, we work with clients to provide absolute trust on developments that include writing white papers for ICOs, offering robust knowledge on the fundamental technical innovation that helps the service’s capabilities.

Blockchain Solutions for Libra

Libratics : Libra Block Explorer

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Ethereum term cards

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Featured Works

We are excited to present some of our recent application products.


Montak is mobile cryptocurrency wallet with user-friendly function and powerful security.

App Link


Generating DApp by solidity file

App Link


Ethereum Transaction Tracker by Etherscan API

App Link


MakerWith is a sharing 3d modeling service.

App Link


Provides several wizard for creating ERC20 Tokens, Wallets, Crowdsales.

Project Link

Design System

Design System is a Vue.js based UI component that provides various UI components needed for DApp development.

App Link

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